AIMCAL Sees Economic Gains


The Assn. of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters & Laminators has released results from its fourth quarter survey, the Economic Index.

Results for the fourth quarter appear to be split: The forecasted outlook is continuing to rise, but the current outlook has fallen back, according to Alto Mila Consulting, which conducts the survey for AIMCAL.

Encouraging improvements are reported in the labor market for the third consecutive quarter, rising more than 23 points this quarter and more than 50 points this past year. Even the average employee workweek index increased significantly for a second consecutive quarter, representing the highest value reported since Q4 2007. Despite this improvement, the forecasted average employee workweek index decreased, the first decrease since Q2 2008.

Capital expenditures indexes rose, indicating companies are continuing to invest. The current index reading is reportedly the highest reading in more than a year, with the forecasted index representing the highest reported value since the survey started in October 2002.

AIMCAL members responding to the survey reported on expectations for sales revenues for 2010. More than 70% of members across all segments said their companies are expecting 2010 sales to be 5% higher than 2009. Additionally, 23% of members reported they expect 2010 revenues to be 20% or more higher than 2009.

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