Maxson Sheeter Debuts at CMM Show


WESTERLY, RI—Maxson Automatic Machinery Co. debuted the MDH sheeter with a dual position roll stand at CMM Intl. 2007. The roll stand is able to handle two rolls, and each position can lift a roll up to 84 inches in diameter and up to 7,000 lbs. in weight at speeds of up to 3,000 fpm. Hydraulically powered, each position loads a roll by lowering both arms and then moving each toward the roll. Sufficient clamping pressure is exerted to drive the chucks into the core.

The cutter’s dual knife technology allows for heavy cutting loads on up to 0.040-inch-thick material while maintaining accuracies of + 0.015 inches on sheet lengths and requiring no squareness adjustment. Available in trim widths up to 65 inches, the cutter’s standard configuration allows for a 16-65-inch cut off, although extended lengths and shorter digital sizes can be accommodated.

The delivery system is outfitted with a reject gate that can divert off standard material from the stacker and can productively run lightweight grades of paper as easily as board. A “continuous run” feature which permits the Operator to offload piles from the stacker without stopping the machine or losing sheets is available to enhance production. See

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