Loparex Adds Capacity


WILLOWBROOK, IL—Loparex announces several capital investments to add paper coating and film blowing capacity, and to streamline operations within North America. A high-speed paper coating line has begun production in the company's Hammond, WI, facility. This line is a two-station emulsion silicone coater capable of coating both sides of the web in a single pass. Turreted unwinds and rewinds allow for continuous operation up to 1,000 fpm. Inline printing allows the web to be printed on either side. A second multi-layer blown film extrusion line will be installed in February at the same location. This new line incorporates the latest technology for producing lay-flat, bag-free polyolefin films that are critical in release liner applications.

Loparex also announces that some coating lines located in the Dixon, IL, operation will be shut down in the coming months. Coater 10 in Dixon will continue to produce solvent and solventless release liner products. It is expected that some of the employees in the Dixon facility will be transferred to other Loparex locations. See loparex.com.

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