EVAL Co. of America Opens New R&D Facility


PASADENA, TX, USA—EVAL Company of America reports it has opened its newly constructed Kuraray Research and Technical Center (KRTC) USA. The new building is located on the same grounds as Kuraray's US subsidiary EVAL Co. of America (EVALCA).

According to the company, the KRTC is a $8.5 million (US) facility designed to provide extensive application and development support for Kuraray customers, including customers of EVALCA as well as SEPTON Co. of America (SEPCA), which produces Septon thermoplastic elastomers.

Says VP of EVALCA R&D and acting KRTC building manager Stan Shimo, "This R&D center facilitates collaboration with our customers, especially in the area of new product development. It really enables us to perform the best technical support possible, which is a key strength at EVALCA."

According to EVAL Co. of America, the new, two-story building houses analytical equipment and research offices with a floor space of 2,200m2. This space, combined with existing floor space of 1,200m2 that houses processing equipment, yields a total of 3,400m2 for the entire KRTC; currently there are 23 employees located there, adds the company.

Learn more about EVALCA and its new R&D facility at evalca.com.

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