MonoSol Acquires UK-Based Aquafilm Ltd., Dramatically Expands Offerings in Water-Soluble Films


PORTAGE, IN, USA—MonoSol LLC reports it has acquired Worcestershire, England-based Aquafilm Ltd., a producer of blown extruded water-soluble films. According to the company, the acquisition gives MonoSol substantial manufacturing capabilities in Europe and "brings together the industry's most diverse variety of cast films, blown extruded films, and edible films to satisfy the widest range of specifications and deliver the best water-soluble films to customers worldwide."

The Aquafilm buy will enable MonoSol to expand production of blown extruded water-soluble films in North America as well as expand production of cast water-soluble films in Europe. The acquisition also allows the material supplier to leverage Aquafilm's significant market success and maintain Aquafilm's existing UK-based operations, adds MonoSol.

"Our complementary technology and our synergistic businesses lead to the creation of a stronger and more diversified global operation," states MonoSol CEO P. Scott Bening. "With a full range of cast films, blown extruded films, and edible films, MonoSol now offers the widest variety of water-soluble films and technical expertise to better serve our global customers."

MonoSol adds: "More diversified manufacturing and engineering expertise in blown extruded and cast production allow [the company] to offer the best solution for every application. Added warehouse space and expanded sales and distribution teams enable the company to provide the most responsive service and rapid product delivery worldwide."

MonoSol says the expanded infrastructure also will support MonoSolRx, a new division of MonoSol LLC formed when MonoSol acquired Kosmos Pharma Limited. "MonoSolRx is now commercializing edible film strips as a fast-dissolve oral drug-delivery platform for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and veterinary markets worldwide," explains the supplier.

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