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Tuesday, September 14

10:00-11:00 A.M. | Keynote: What Is New in Branding?

  • Using digital technology to enhance a brand
  • Solutions for multiversion and personalization
  • Branding for digital technology
    Speaker: Rosemary Grabowski, VP, global market development, consumer packaged goods, Dassault Systems

11:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M. | Brand Enhancement by Electronics in Packaging

  • Printed, flexible displays, lighting, transistors, solar cells, and much more
  • New printed electronics products
  • Opportunities for converters, equipment providers, and labelmakers
    Speaker: Raghu Das, CEO, IDTechEX

12:00-1:00 P.M. | Networking Lunch

Wednesday, September 15

9:00-10:00 A.M. | State of the Industry — Media/Editors

  • Understanding label industry opportunities for growth
  • Highlighting technology trends and role of digital printing
  • Reviewing the growing importance of own brand labels
  • Reassessing the role of converter in the global marketplace
    Speakers: Andy Thomas, group managing editor, Labels & Labeling; Jack Kenny, editor, Label & Narrow Web; Lilian Robayo, editor-in-chief, Conversion; Yolanda Simonsis, associate publisher/editor, Paper, Film & Foil Converter PFFC; Tom Polischuk, editor-in-chief, packagePRINTING; Don Nolan, group VP (moderator), Avery Dennison

10:00-11:30 A.M. | Keynote — CEO Roundtable on Leadership

  • Management in a challenging economy
  • Mentoring future leaders and succession planning
  • Evolution of a company culture around bottom line contributions
  • Centralized versus decentralized operations
    Speakers: Frank Gerace, president/CEO, Multi-Color; John McKernan, president/CEO, York Label; Geoffrey Martin, president/CEO, CCL; Terry Fulwiler, CEO, WS Packaging; David Taylor (moderator), general manager, Radius Solutions

11:30 A.M.-12:00 P.M. | Networking Reception for CEO Luncheon

12:00-1:00 P.M. | CEO Luncheon

At Labelexpo Americas' established CEO Luncheon, the leaders of some of the country's top label converters will share their experiences of surviving the recession and coming through the other side. This is a fantastic opportunity to interact with the leaders of the label industry in a relaxed atmosphere.
Speakers: Frank Gerace, president/CEO, Multi-Color; John McKernan, president/CEO, York Label; Geoffrey Martin, president/CEO, CCL; Terry Fulwiler, CEO, WS Packaging; David Taylor (moderator), general manager, Radius Solutions

Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
1:00-2:00 P.M. Color Management — Changing the Way the Industry Evaluates Color
  • Esko Equinox System (ties into G7)
  • Matching color to the preferred reproduction, not change in Delta E
  • Taking a closer look at hue, lightness, and chromo

Speaker: Mark Samworth, chief color expert, EskoArtwork

Label Lifecycle (Sustainability)
  • A consumer story
  • A converter's response
  • The supplier's response

Speakers: Laura Cummings, sustainability & environmental manager, Raflatac; Kevin Rinehart (moderator), Avery Dennison; Laura Flanigan, Five Winds Intl.; Dan Muenzer, VP, Spear USA

Digital Web-Fed Printing — State-of-the-Art
  • Digital technologies
  • Digital solutions
  • Summary of markets and applications

Speakers: Mike Fairley, director of strategic development, Labelexpo; Bob Leahey, associate director, digital packaging and label service, Info Trends Inc.

2:00-3:00 P.M. Extended Gamut Printing — It's Not Just CMYK Anymore
  • Implementing CMYK system and curve generation, targeting a CMYK standard
  • Establishing plate curves and optimized solid color targets for added colors
  • Building an analysis for spot color conversion library and reproduction accuracy

Speakers: Mark Samworth, chief color expert, EskoArtwork; Jay Sperry, research associate, Sonoco Inst. of Packaging Design and Graphics, Clemson Univ.; Drew Miller, prepress manager, Multi-Color Corp.

Brand Protection
  • Why counterfeiting has become such a major issue
  • How counterfeiters work to defraud manufacturers and deceive the public
  • How the label industry can help in reducing counterfeiting and tampering
  • An understanding of brand protection materials, technologies, and available systems

Speaker: Mike Fairley, director of strategic development, Labelexpo

Using Digital Technology To Enhance a Brand
  • Digital offers brand identity and brand innovation opportunities
  • Using digital in marketing campaigns
  • Improving the supply chain
  • Remote proofing and color guaranteed printing

Speaker: Christian Menegon, WW industrial business development manager, HP Indigo

3:00-4:00 P.M. Converter Partners: Brand Success With Packaging & Social Media
  • Colorado Native is first brand to use social media technology on packaging
  • SnapTag enhances brand identity
  • Taking innovation to the brand owner
  • Partnering with brands to give consumers a unique experience

Speakers: Glenn Knippenberg, president, AC Golden Brewing Co.; Craig Bakken, VP of innovation, Smyth Companies; Tim Klein, Smythe national account manager for MillerCoors, Smyth Companies

Data Collection
  • Benefits and uses of collected data
  • Use of the tools and metrics in their environment
  • Interface systems
  • Developing and maintaining systems in the label printing industry

Speakers: Ken Meinhardt, president, Tailored Solutions; Steven Miller, Tailored Label Products; John Bennett (moderator), Flexcon; Dennis Linnevers, applications manager, Multi-Color Corp.; Glyn Slack, Radius Solutions

Inkjet Printing: Today and Tomorrow
  • Performance — resolution, web widths, colors, speed, environmental issues
  • Front-end developments for inkjet
  • Key markets and applications

Speakers: Jesper Jorgensen, global sales manager, Nilpeter A/S; Ken Stack, EFI/Jetrion; Chuck Raymond, Prototype & Production Systems Inc.; Chris Lynn, VP sales & marketing, Xaar Americas Inc.

1:00-2:00 P.M. Business Intelligence
  • Profitability: most profitable and least profitable clients, by total sales volume versus margin, by plant, by sales representative, by quarter, and by production process
  • Production: on time delivery by client, by product type, by process, and by carrier
  • Financial: sales versus budget performance by quarter, by month, by year

Speaker: Steve Rice, EFI/Radius

L.I.F.E. and Sustainability
  • L.I.F.E. as a tool to develop a sustainable supply chain
  • Converter's application of the L.I.F.E. program
  • Supplier's application of the L.I.F.E. program

Speakers: Brian Gale, president, ID Images; John McDermott, Label World; Kevin Rinehart (moderator), Avery Dennison; Marshall Ledbetter, Mitsubishi

Flexible Packaging as a Key Opportunity
  • Understanding flexible packaging as a market
  • Current technology and the role of digital solutions
  • Matching materials to digital print and applications

Speakers: Massimo Ferrari, global market development manager, ExxonMobil Chemical; Randy Parrish, director, Rapid-Roll Products, Fasson Roll North America

2:00-3:00 P.M. HD Flexo — The New Quality Standard in Flexo Printing?
  • Analysis of all the variables in HD flexo production based on research: imaging system, screening technology, and plates
  • Looking at substrates and inks, evaluating screen values for consistent reproduction
  • Assisting press operators in understanding the transition to HD printing

Speakers: Niklas Olsson, Flint Group; Ian Hole, EskoArtwork; Rich Emmerling, Flint Group Flexographic Products

Young Managers
  • Finding and retaining talent
  • Training and developing talent
  • Leadership development

Speakers: Alex Elezaj, VP sales & marketing, Whitlam Label Co.; Brian Gale, president, ID Images; Kevin Foos, VP sales & marketing; ACPO Ltd.; Cheryl Caudill (moderator), corporate communications manager, Multi-Plastics Inc.

Automation and Integration of Digital Solutions Through the Production Chain
  • Integrating of web ordering and web-to-print solutions
  • On-line color management and proofing
  • Efficiency, response time, and communication with end-users

Speakers: Peter Dhont, business automation solutions, CERM NV; Ken Meinhardt, president, Tailored Solutions; Jay Dollries, Innovative Labeling Solutions

3:00-4:00 P.M. Succession Planning
  • “How to” of successful succession plan
  • Defining roles and responsibilities during transition
  • Dealing with family issues at work

Speakers: Andrew Keyt, executive director, Loyola Univ. Family Business Centre; Jim Houston, VP, MB Bank; Cindy White (moderator), Channeled Resources Group

Consolidation/Acquisition in the Label Industry
  • What does it mean for converters of all sizes
  • How to go about the sales process
  • What companies are selling for

Speakers: Thomas Blaige, CEO, Blaige & Co.; David Taylor, Radius Solutions; Bob Cronin, managing partner, Open Approach

Integration of Digital Solutions In-Line with Conventional Print
  • How digital complements conventional
  • What's possible with integrated solutions
  • Integrated solutions add value

Speakers: Jesper Jorgensen, global sales manager, Nilpeter A/S; Chuck Raymond, Prototype & Production Systems Inc.; Andy Thomas, Labels & Labeling

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