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DALIM Holds Conference for Users

KELH, GERMANY | DALIM SOFTWARE makers of scalable software solutions for the creation, production, and management of cross-media content, announces it recently held another successful annual US DUO Conference, at the Renaissance Denver Downtown City Center.

DUO 2018 is an opportunity for the company’s software users to learn about new technologies and work practices and how they will impact their day-to-day operations. It also gives users the opportunity to learn about the company’s most recent—and future—developments, the chance to meet with other users from around the country, plus the opportunity to talk technology with technical and product support staff. The conference attracts graphic arts professionals, brands, retailers, institutions, and their respective marketing and communications supply chains from throughout the US.

US DUO opened with the company’s Carol Werlé, offering an overview of trends in the marketplace and the corporate direction. Werlé explained how technology trends—the Internet of Things, Big Data, artificial intelligence, and the blockchain—all have influences on the future development of DALIM ES. “While DALIM SOFTWARE acknowledges our legacy serving printers and publishers, a lot of our growth has come from brands and agencies, because they recognize the importance of not only managing content but taking actionable actions with it,” says Werlé.

Other topics included why brands care about digital asset management (DAM); content lifecycle and the importance of creating smart content from the beginning of the process; and the hands-on “Tips & Tricks” which demonstrated practical suggestions utilizing the company’s applications with third-party products.

Click here for information on the next US DUO meeting, which will be held in Nashville, TN.

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