Ship & Shore Aids Energy Efficiency

SIGNAL HILL, CA | Ship & Shore Environmental (S&SE) reports that it offers customers energy efficiency and recovery, with maximum heat recovery. The company says it works as an engineering partner to help customers analyze current energy usage and offer cost-effective methods to reduce energy consumption, lower operating costs, and assist in taking advantage of qualifying rebate/incentive programs that can pay for up to 50% of energy efficiency projects.

S&SE reports it has the expertise and experience to custom-design systems capable of capturing waste heat from combustion produced during various manufacturing processes and redirect it to other areas of production, to save and reuse energy while reducing operating costs.

The company says it also gathers data and provides information needed to make the best decision on any process upgrades, retrofits, or equipment selection, and research incentives that can add to the performance and profitability of the customer’s company.

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