Dow Products Finalists for Innovation Awards

MIDLAND, MI | Three technologies from The Dow Chemical Company are finalists for the 2017 ICIS Innovation Awards. ICIS, a global petrochemical market information provider, presents these awards to companies and individuals that demonstrate high levels of innovation in products and processes, provide benefits to the environment, and show progress toward sustainability.

“Dow is a company built on innovation and we are pleased to have our work recognized by ICIS with multiple finalists,” says A.N. Sreeram, senior VP, Research & Development, and chief technology officer for Dow. “We continue to drive sustainable innovations working in close partnership with our customers to invent the products and processes that will define the solutions of tomorrow.”

The three Dow finalists in innovation are as follows:

Best Product Innovation: UCON Oil Soluble Polyalkylene Glycols (OSP) are a new range of base oil and performance-enhancing additives for demanding lubricant applications. UCON OSP have been designed to overcome the lack of hydrocarbon compatibility of conventional polyalkylene glycols while maintaining key benefits such as deposit and friction control.

Best Process Innovation: Dow fluidized catalytic dehydrogenation (FCDh) Process. Both ethylene and propylene are valuable intermediates in the production of plastic and other products critical to everyday use. The shift to lighter cracker feedstocks from shale gas and slowing gasoline demand for refineries are leading to lower propylene production for traditional sources, creating a propylene shortage when compared to demand. Company has developed FCDh technology that is based on commercially available Fluidized Catalytic Cracking technology, selectively producing valuable propylene from abundant shale gas resources. The patent-protected process design reportedly enables greater than 20% capital savings vs other commercial processes. It also is said to reduce energy requirements per pound of propylene produced. The company says the technology is flexible and can be integrated easily into existing or new ethylene crackers to increase production or tailor these facilities for the desired amount of ethylene and propylene production. It can be used in other aliphatic and aromatic production processes as well.

Innovation With Best Benefit For Environment and Sustainability: ROPAQUE NT-2900 Opaque Polymer for BLUE 4EST Thermal Paper is said to be a more sustainable thermal paper option for applications such as cash register receipts, tickets, tags, and labels. The technology, which is compatible with existing printers, is free of chemical developers and removes chemicals of concern from production.

Winners will be announced in October 2017.

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