Durable, Yet Destructible

The Destructible RFID Windshield Tag from Metalcraft, Mason City, IA, is designed to deliver a long read range at a low cost for gated communities, secured parking, and other applications protecting identification and property. It's engineered to be durable, but attempts to remove an applied tag render it unusable. The 4×1-in. adhesive label can be placed on the interior or exterior of automobile glass. It provides a read range of more than 18 ft using a passive KSW Microtec Windshield RFID inlay and does not require a foam standoff. Slits along the perimeter of the label destroy the inlay if someone tries to remove it. Its construction process encapsulates the inlay between thin layers of PP, adding a bar code and human readable information to one side and a windshield-compatible adhesive to the other. This process protects the inlay and reduces the effects of electrostatic discharge while the adhesive protects against harmful UV rays.

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