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Register System Suits Sleeve Converter

Fuji Seal manufactures shrink-sleeve packaging for some big, blue-chip companies. Quality is essential, as the award-winning converter knows. So it's no wonder the company is so pleased with the QuadTech Autotron Packaging 2600 Register Guidance systems installed at Fuji's Gillingham, UK, plant. The systems have resulted in an increase in press speeds by about 10% and a decrease in start-up times by 30%.

Says Fuji print technician Alan Henderson, “This boost in productivity has enabled us to retain our competitive edge in a fiercely competitive market.” He adds, “We have also been able to improve the color-to-color registration on problematic substrates…. We needed a registration solution which was flexible as well as fast and simple to set up, especially on a combination press. Here we often run two jobs at once controlled by the same Autotron.”

Supplier Information:
QuadTech — PFFC-ASAP 397.

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