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UV Curing Lampheads in Miniature
, North Royalton, OH; 440/237-4439; gewuv.com
A series of miniature UV curing lampheads is available in two models, Jetcure 1 and Jetcure 2. These ultra-small systems are suited for applications in which lamphead dimensions and weight are of critical importance for ink jet and digital printing. Lampheads are available with arc lengths ranging from 0.8-12 in.

Hybrid Screens Cut Moiré
Wasatch Computer Technology
, Salt Lake City, UT; 801/575-8043, 800/894-1544; wasatchinc.com
Precision Rosette/Stochastic Hybrid Screens are said to eliminate the “fourth screen,” or “yellow” moiré, and let company's SoftRIP SP users print yellows and flesh tones without worrying about moiré or changing screen angles.

Label Stocks Go Piggyback
, Fletcher, NC, USA; 818/651-4859; raflatac.com
A range of p-s piggyback constructions has been developed for ink jet, laser, and copier applications. Face materials include 50# Laser Plus, 50# Data, Transfer Premium Plus, 54# Raflacoat, and Kromekote Extragloss. All piggyback label stocks use proprietary permanent adhesives. Constructions comprise a single facestock and two liners.

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