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Photostability Champers Up to Spec
Caron Products & Services
, Marietta, OH; 740/373-6809; caronproducts.com
The 6500 Series photostability chambers are designed to meet all ICH Option 1 and 2 requirements for photostability testing. Option 1 chambers provide simultaneous UVA and VIS exposure with D65 lamps. Option 2 units, with fluorescent cool white and near-UV lamps, allow sequential or simultaneous exposure. When the target exposure has been reached, lights shut off automatically without timers.

Varnish Has Security Benefits
Uvitec Printing Ink
, Lodi, NJ; 973/778-0737; uvitec.com
Scanning varnish #14147-17 for letterpress applications is said to produce a high degree of brilliance and readability. Described as well suited for pharmaceutical labels and other applications requiring a high quality security varnish. A proprietary process provides a strong bluish-white effect to be created when the printed piece is held under a black light. Reportedly, varnish has excellent gloss, good surface slip, strong resistance to scratches and chemicals, and flexibility.

UV Print Digitally
, Brookfield, CT; 203/740-9333; trident-itw.com
The BreezeMark digital UV printing system for labels, flexible packaging, and folding cartons is said to be ideal for sequential numbering with unique graphics. System is adaptable to most narrow and mid-web presses. Prints 10 pt — 4 in. at speeds to 200 fpm.

Transfer Film Tolerates Sun
Scapa North America
, Windsor, CT; 860/688-8000; scapana.com
Unifilm U666 is a 1.5-mil, acrylic adhesive transfer film formulated with a UV stabilizer designed for use on labels and stickers adhered to glass and exposed regularly to sunlight, such as parking permits, inspection stickers, and decals. Poly-coated liner, said to be moisture-stable, prevents wrinkles and allows smooth application. The UV additive reduces fading of the printed label or sticker, company notes, adding product is die-cut and laminated easily.

PP Films Are Thermal-Printable
FLEXcon Co.
, Spencer, MA; 508/885-8200; FLEXcon.com
Direct thermal-printable white PP films are said to offer high image quality, excellent thermal response, good opacity, and surface quality. Thermlfilm PP 280 and Thermlfilm 320 products print well in portable thermal printers at low energy settings with higher optical density, company adds. Films are well suited for on-demand variable imaging and bar code labeling in retail, industrial, and healthcare applications.

Web Cleaner Aids Print Quality
Erhardt + Leimer
, Spartanburg, SC; 864/486-3011; erhardt-leimer.com
The Kelva CWC compact web cleaning system, designed to improve print quality on narrow web and label presses, is suitable for double-sided dust removal at web speeds to 990 fpm and widths from 12-21.5 in. Large-diameter 2-in. adhesive polymer rollers aid cleaning performance at high speeds and lengthen cycles between change-outs. FDA-approved rollers are available for medical, pharmaceutical, and food applications.

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