PPC Launches Total Cost Model Survey


ALEXANDRIA, VA—Paperboard Packaging Council will be conducting a Total Cost Model survey, a benchmarking survey for folding carton converters to assess their costs in comparison to their peers. Open to the entire folding carton industry, participants complete estimates for a set of 20 sample job specifications with varying blank sizes, run lengths, and ink coverage. All data is entered on simple excel spreadsheets. Straw bids are coded for confidentiality and complied in arrays that show the full range of cost structures. Converter's Resource then prepares custom reports on outcomes for each participating company or plant.

Participation in the survey requires a minimal amount of staff time. PPC has opened the survey to both members and non-members. The cost to PPC members is $975 and the cost to non-members is $1,800. Additional plants can be added for $450 (or $900 for non-members).

See ppcnet.org for more information.

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