Think Lean

A lean manufacturing philosophy that eliminates waste will shorten the time between order placement and product delivery and deliver a healthier bottom line.

Why Do Flex-Pack?

With tight margins, a parade of manufacturing factors, and constant concern about product contamination, one wonders why converters "do" flex-pack. But the flex-pack professionals say the reward is in the process.

The Buzz in Biodegradable Resins: Certification

Many of the processes performed and the products created within a converting facility aren't always the most environmentally friendly. However, this doesn't

Concern over Phthalates in Food Packaging

Plasticizers are used extensively to soften plastics, building products, blood bags, cosmetics, and personal care products, as well as packaging inks

Russian Revolution

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the boundaries of Europe have been expanded by the new market economy in Russia. It has been a struggle

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With a commitment to offer creative solutions to the most challenging of customer projects—plus an investment in high-quality equipment from W&H and PCMC—Tufco Technologies delivers... Satisfaction Guaranteed

Global Packaging Market

This is a time of change in the packaging industry: a time of issues and challenges; a time for re-establishing the horizons of business; and a time for defining strategies for a successful and profitable future. The complex and dynamic packaging industry is worth an estimated $417 billion globally (Europe $129 billion, North America $116 billion, Japan $81 billion)...

Opportunities in Medical Packaging

The medical packaging market continues to expand at a slow but steady growth rate, despite a general economic slowdown throughout the world. North America

An Uplifting Experience

Pliant USA's Flexible Packaging Div. takes efficiency to new heights. A recent PFFC visit provided a look at its new PCMC press... and An Uplifting Experience

The Right Combination

With Glenroy's flexible packaging expertise and Pen & Inc.'s prepress know-how, the two team up for an award-winning association.

In Flexible Packaging, Barriers Are No Obstacles to Success

Success in business usually comes from finding ways to overcome barriers. But in the flexible packaging business, success is all about barriers, and in some cases, the higher the barrier, the better.

New Sourcebook Covers Metallized Papers and Films

Metallized Papers & Films: World Sourcebook 2002 has been published by AWA Alexander Watson Assoc. Exclusively sponsored by the Association of Industrial

BOPP Line Up and Running Quickly

In June 2001 Italian film producer Manuli Film S.p.A. signed a contract with Brückner Maschinenbau to design, manufacture, and set up what is said to be the world's largest and fastest high-performance 10-m BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) film line.

Canadian Flex-Pack Industry Has a Lot Going for It

Long overshadowed by the US but considered to be one of the finest countries in the world in which to live, Canada (pop. 35 mm) is rapidly becoming a

India's Rising Star

Positive Packaging's reputation for quality is backed by a stable of Cerutti gravure presses.

Corona Treating For Coating & Laminating Film

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