A communication from the PLACE Division of TAPPI in cooperation with Paper, Film & Foil CONVERTER. providing practical information to the converting and packaging industries.

Aniline printing - 100 Years Later

Flexography evolved from a primitive printing process known as "aniline printing." In the early 1900s, this printing process took root to print flexible substrates using inks that were based on aniline-based dyes. Although the earliest use of aniline printing can be traced to 1860, the first patent for an aniline press was issued in 1908.

New ISO 9001 Registration Program Focuses on the Plastics Industry

Lewis Yasenchak has joined Orion Registrar as business development manager--Plastics. In his new position, he will expand Orion’s management team, and will focus on customizing an ISO 9001 Registration Program to serve top management in the plastics manufacturing supply chain.


Providing practical information to the converting & packaging industries A communication from the PLACE Division of TAPPIin cooperation with Paper, Film & Foil CONVERTER providing practical information to the converting and packaging industries.

Technical Facility

The Brueckner Group, a German manufacturer of film stretching lines, film and sheet lines, and extrusion equipment, has a pilot lab most film converters would love to get their hands on.

Pilot Line

In 1992 Polytype Converting became the world's first company to design and operate a high-speed pilot

Raymond Report Sheds Light on Packaging 'Trash Wars' between Michigan and Ontario

Raymond Communications' new report, "Canadian Recycling Policy: The Complete Guide for Product Makers," says the author, "sheds some light on how many major US-based manufacturers and retailers have come to complain about having to pay 50 percent of Ontario's $118 million [Canadian dollars] 'Blue Box' recycling program."

Food & Packaging Enjoy!

Whether we are meat lovers enjoying a steak or vegetarians enjoying a special lasagna recipe, most of us find eating a pleasant experience. Steaks, pasta,

Better Bagging

For Arkwright, an investement in Better Packages' bagmaking system brings savings — and safety — to the plant.

Packaging for the World

With multinational clients and global suppliers, South American converter Alusa produces... Packaging for the World.

East Meets West - Again

An Oklahoma-based converter takes a second spin with a gearless flexo press from Asia.

Lasers Beam

Digital converting is on the verge of widespread adoption in flexible packaging applications due to compact carbon dioxide lasers.

Implications of Bioterrorism Act

As converting industry members know, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued regulations implementing the Bioterrorism Act officially known

A Communication from the PLACE Div. of TAPPI

New Division Secretary The PLACE Division of TAPPI has named Rory A. Wolf as the new secretary effective September 2004. Wolf is Director of Business


New material products from: Ashland, BBA Fiberweb, CYRO Industries, Dow Corning, Flint Ink, International Paper, Klöckner Pentaplast, MACtac, Novacel, Prisco, Trident, and Vinamul Polymers.

Corona Treating For Coating & Laminating Film

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