Active Packaging Product Update

Antimicrobial Stable at High Temps
AlphaSan is a silver-based antimicrobial product for use in a number of materials, including films. Product inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold and has received the full slate of regulatory approvals for food contact, co. says, adding that silver zirconium phosphate is thermally stable to 800 deg C, making it suitable for use in high-temperature resin processing.
Milliken Chemical, Spartanburg, SC; 864/503-2200;

Antimicrobial Coating Uses Silver
Silver is a key antimicrobial ingredient in new powder-coated finishes being used to protect germ-gathering surfaces. In powder coating, tiny dry particles of pigment and resin are given an electric charge, then sprayed on to a variety of consumer and industrial products. The electrostatic charge makes the powder particles stick to the surface. When heated, the institute reports, the powder is fused into a uniform, durable, high quality coating.
Powder Coating Institute, Alexandria, VA; 703/684-1770;

Holographic Film Has Embossable Base
Unifoil Corp., Fairfield, NJ, uses LumBriteU6E from Toray Plastics to produce an elegant package for the Elizabeth Taylor “Forever Elizabeth” line.

“LumBrite U6E is a great product for laminating to board applications,” says Joseph Funicelli, president of Unifoil. “The film's embossable base saves a step in the coating process. Converters are attracted to LumBrite's consistency and smoothness, while end-users are drawn to the film's bright, crisp appearance.”

The film can be used to produce custom holograms and is called ideal for film-to-board laminated packaging for security, cosmetic, personal care, and sporting good applications. Brand protection is enhanced because custom holograms cannot be duplicated easily.
Toray Plastics (America), North Kingstown, RI; 401/294-4511;

Coating Suited for Security
UV-curable scanning coating #15610-87 offers a high degree of brilliance and readability, mfr. says. Designed for use on flexo presses, coating is called well suited for pharmaceutical labels and check printing. Proprietary manufacturing process allows full potential of fluorescent whitening agent to be realized, creating a strong bluish-white effect when label is held under a black light. Scanning varnish has excellent gloss, good surface slip, and scratch resistance, says mfr.
Uvitec Printing Ink, Lodi, NJ; 973/778-0737; 800/478-6330;

MICR-Compliant Ink Prints Checks
VersaInk is the only magnetic ink character recognition-compliant ink for printing checks, images, and high quality documents, the co. reports. The ink's strong magnetic characteristics are said to provide highly accurate, automatic readings of checking account numbers and institutional routing numbers. Usable with VersaCheck creation software and mfr.'s line of security check paper refills. Offers protection against fading and fraudulent alterations.
G7 Productivity Systems, San Diego, CA; 858/675-1095;

Corona Treating For Coating & Laminating Film

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