Rexam Blister-Pack Pharma Service Can Open Profit Windows

MUNDELEIN, IL, USA—In an effort to cut product-launch times and bump up clients' profit windows, Rexam Healthcare Flexibles introduces "a suite of innovative pharmaceutical packaging services around its proprietary Black Box virtual modeling technology," reports the co.

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"Every drug maker knows that one breached blister pack can set its drug launch back by months, if not years," explains a press release announcing the services. "Offered to clients as Rexam Pharma Services, the blister packaging development group will focus on Black Box software modeling and thermoform prediction," which, adds Rexam, will enable production and testing of trial materials as well as more efficient production of packed products.

Nic Hunt, Rexam Global Pharma business director, explains, "A quick, trouble-free launch can make the difference between leading the market and losing ground. At Rexam, we have the expertise to make sure the blister pack is right on paper and right on the production line."

In addition to its Black Box modeling capabilities, says Rexam, its Pharma Services will facilitate the production of sample packs. "Clients will be able to access the services of Pharma Labs for analysis of performance issues such as contaminants, foil adhesion, surface characteristics, and moisture and gas barriers. [The] Pack Lab will help clients in the election and production of custom packaging materials," says Rexam, adding that it also will serve as a "packaging watchdog," ensuring that all documentation is accurate with properly validated materials.

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