Praise for Recycled Paperboard

NEW YORK, NY — Independent research firm Priority Metrics conducted a study on behalf of the 100% Recycled Paperboard Alliance. The firm held 220 phone interviews with packaging, technical, and purchasing professionals at 143 US companies.

In an analysis of the study, Priority Metrics offers these key findings:

More than 55% of respondents rate 100% recycled paperboard as having superior value, especially in the categories of frozen/refrigerated foods.

One-third of heavy users of 100% recycled paperboard see it as superior to other types of packaging regarding consumer preference and shelf impact.

Current users of any amount of 100% recycled paperboard are 20%-25% more positive in their evaluation than nonusers and find it superior to other packaging on a number of attributes. As a result of these attitudes, 100% recycled paperboard has become a dominant packaging material.

The study identifies a clear majority — almost 55% — of packaged goods companies saying an environmentally positive image is important in marketing their products. Of this total, 70% recognize the consumer appeal, value, and importance of the recycled paperboard “chasing arrows” symbol in marketing.

Value, carton runnability, overall paperboard quality, and overall carton performance are the most critical drivers of respondents' overall sense of satisfaction when choosing 100% recycled paperboard.

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