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World Leader in Pouch Making Machines Leading Company in Manufacturing Industry

For over half a century, Totani Corporation has manufactured pouch and bag making machinery. Since it’s incorporation in 1961, Totani machines are now located in over 57 countries all over the world and are highly regarded by well-established companies.

Totani Corporation continues to excel in leading the industry in pouch making machinery.

Totani’s original idea, technology and development, power change the common sense of pouch making.

Our pouch and bag making machines use various film materials to make pouches with storage stability and heat resistance.

Totani machines make high-speed, high-quality pouches, in various shapes, which can be used in a wide range of fields.

Totani Recycle Ready/Quick Changeover Pouch Machine

  • Totani’s CT-Series are THE most popular machines in North America.
  • CT-40, CT-60 and CT-80 can use Sustainable Films.
  • Compact Pouch machines means less film waste and Quicker Change-Over.
  • The most efficient pouch machines available.
  • Totani America has the Best Technical Support.
  • Totani is committed to the wise use of our natural resources.
  • Recycle-Ready Films Can be produced at high speeds efficiently.

Totani innovations and enhancements have proven effective to improve efficiency in operation of recyclable stand-up pouches.

Dealing with web melt, print variation, shadow seals, and web instability were primary factors that went into Totani’ s most recent pouch machine that features a number of enhancements and new proprietary technology. 

Ask Totani innovations and enhancements prove effective in set-up and change over times for stand-up pouches.

Ask us about Totani’ s most recent pouch machine that features a number of enhancements and new proprietary technology.

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