Cut-to-Length Solution: AZCO Corp.

AZCO Corp. has designed and manufactured a cut-to-length solution for a complex application which required unwinding and feeding release liners to be affixed to the top and bottom of an extruded material and then cutting the material to a determined length.

The complete system includes dual unwinds, knife assembly, and shingling conveyor.

Dual cantilever design brake unwinds feed out the release liners from two rolls, and they are then joined to the top and bottom of the extruded material.  The material travels through a set of nip rollers which compress and adhere the liners to the extrusion.

A dancer controls the speed of the nip rollers and keeps the material from wandering.

An internal guide directs the material from the drive rollers into the knife assembly where it is cut to a defined length. The cut samples drop onto a conveyor which indexes forward, shingling the material.

The modular designed knife assembly is pneumatically operated, requiring 40-60psi [2.75–3 Bar] of regulated air pressure.  The unit is PLC controlled.  An operator control panel is provided which includes an HMI color touch screen for easy setup and operation.

All components are mounted onto an aluminum top plate and supported by clear anodized aluminum columns.  The unit is free standing.

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