Coaters Assist Move Toward Solar Energy


Two new OptiLab roll-to-roll vacuum sputter coaters from General Vacuum Equipment (GVE) are aiding Ascent Solar Technologies (AST) in its development of advanced photovoltaic (PV or solar cell) flexible films for solar energy applications. The coaters will be used in multilayer deposition of metallic and transparent conducting oxides on various types of plastic film.

To make solar energy more affordable, AST plans to apply new processing and manufacturing techniques to harness the sun's power as a viable, clean-energy option for both terrestrial use and applications in space. AST will use a plastic film coated with thin-film PV to transform natural sunlight into electricity. GVE is a preferred supplier to AST in its plans.

“We are pleased to partner with companies that are the best in the world at what they do,” says Dr. Prem Nath, senior VP of manufacturing at AST.

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