4th Ed. AIMCAL Metallizing Technical Reference Goes to Print


The 4th edition of the AIMCAL Metallizing Technical Reference will go to print shortly. In addition to updates in the seven existing chapters from the 3rd edition, the latest edition has been expanded with new chapters with information on the vacuum web coating processes. The chapter outline for the 4th edition is:

  1. Test Methods and Procedures
  2. Electrical, Optical, and Metal Thickness Releationships
  3. Barrier Properties of Metallized Films
  4. Useful Relationsihips for Metallized Films
  5. Metal Evaporation and Heated Boat Life
  6. Aluminum Wire Chemistry and Temper
  7. Surface Treatment of Webs for Aluminum Vapor Depostion
  8. Substrate and Converting Technologies for Metallization
  9. Pattern Metallization
  10. Non-Aluminum Deposition Materials and Techiques
  11. Water in Vacuum
  12. Troubleshooting
The latest edition will retail for $79 to non-members, $49 to AIMCAL members. Sponsors will receive 100 publications personalized with their company logo on the front cover. In addition, sponsors will be recognized in the acknowledgement section of the publication and will be listed, with contact information, in the publication. See aimcal.org.

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