Dow Europe Adds New Polymers


HORGEN, SWITZERLAND | Dow Elastomers, a business unit of the Dow Chemical Co., will debut two new polymers into the existing family of AFFINITY GA Polyolefin Elastomers for hot melt adhesives at the World Adhesive & Sealant Conference, September 18–21, 2012, in Paris, France.

AFFINITY GA 1000R is an MAH-grafted polymer said to offer excellent bond strength for hard-to-bond substrates such as coated papers and boards or recycled paper. Also said to offer improved heat stress, achieving between 5 deg C (41 deg F) to 10 deg C (50 deg F) more temperature resistance. This helps ensure the contents of a package stay sealed through the stages of logistics, particularly warehouse storage and transportation, where temperatures can vary.

AFFINITY GA 1875 offers a lower viscosity choice for enhanced formulation flexibility as well as excellent bond strength in low-application temperature hot melt adhesives when used alone or in combination with other AFFINITY GA polymers.

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