Henkel System Speeds Up Laminations


DUSSELDORF, GERMANY | The Aerobond system from Henkel is said to speed up laminating processes in the paper industry while improving efficiency. The system incorporates a laminating adhesive and the Glue-Mix unit from Hansa, a device designed to match the specially developed Henkel adhesive, which introduces controlled quantities of air into the adhesive and distributes it optimally over the substrate surface. This application considerably increases the volume of the adhesive, so that significantly less adhesive is used for the same laminating area, company says.

Reportedly, the system also has a substantial impact on conditioning times. The volume of air in the mix reduces the moisture content, cutting lengthy conditioning times to just a few hours while ensuring better bonding.

The process decreases the moisture content over the bonding area, thus improving flatness. The aerated adhesive is better able to compensate for unevenness across the substrate surface, company adds, and this improves the initial bond strength and minimizes areas with insufficient adhesion.

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