Henkel New Products Include PSA


DUSSELDORF, GERMANY | Henkel presented its new pressure-sensitive adhesive Duro-Tak 3214 at drupa. The adhesive is initially removable and permits repositioning before achieving its final, permanent bond strength.

Reportedly, its ease of use facilitates the large-area application of adhesive tapes and graphic films without loss of material, including to surfaces that are difficult to bond. Duro-Tak 3214 can be applied with conventional application equipment and enables the production of high-grade laminates with good performance, company says.

Henkel also offers a complete range of adhesives for low-migration consumer goods packages with a low-migration version of its water-based adhesives under the Adhesin brand.

Dedicated product variants are available for different application systems, such as rollers and nozzles. Products are said to be economical to use and to deliver performance without plasticizers.

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