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Web Width Measurement and Monitoring: Applications and Technology

Measuring the width of the web (or the cross-machine dimension of the web) is essential for various converting applications. Web width measurement is crucial for quality control and web handling purposes. Some examples of converting processes requiring width measurement include:

  • Slitting
  • Folding applications, such as shrink sleeve manufacturing
  • Sheet and film extrusion
  • Textile, tire, and rubber manufacturing
  • Coating and lamination

Effective cross-machines dimension control (web width and web position control) can significantly reduce waste in the process, directly contributing to the bottom line. In this article, we will examine web width measurement and control in detail.

Roll-2-Roll Sensor for Width Measurement and Monitoring

The Roll-2-Roll Sensor is more than just a sensor; it is a line scan camera with an integrated light source. Combined with the Roll-2-Roll Controller, the sensing system acts more like a machine vision solution but without the complexities of a typical vision system.

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