AIMCAL Announces Name Change, Rebranding

AIMCAL, The Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators, announced it is adopting a new name, the Association for Roll-to-Roll Converters. The announcement was made to attendees at the 2022 AIMCAL R2R USA Conference. The transition to the new name and related rebranding will occur during the next few months and is expected to be completed by mid-2023.

The new name reflects the evolution of AIMCAL’s membership. Since its founding in 1970 as a group focused primarily on metallizing, coating, and laminating, it has broadened via mergers with the Converting Equipment Association (2003), European Metallizers Association (2012), and Gravure Association of the Americas (2021), as well as the expanding use of roll-to-roll technology. As a result, AIMCAL members now represent virtually every industry segment that relies on roll-to-roll technology including packaging, batteries, photovoltaics, consumer electronics, and medical products.

“The name change allows us to be more inclusive of all facets of roll-to-roll converting and focus on membership benefits for prospective members rather than spending time explaining the AIMCAL acronym and describing the businesses members currently serve,” says Chris Kerscher, executive director. 

Along with the name change and rebranding, the Association for Roll-to-Roll Converters will bring cutting-edge science and technology to members and the industry through top-tier technical training and education and the most comprehensive library of technical resources in the industry.

It also will build on 50 years of AIMCAL history and its global reach to foster even stronger connections among industry leaders, partners, and the workforce.

The rebranding, which includes a new logo and website (, scheduled to launch in January 2023), honors AIMCAL’s history and heritage while adding design elements to better represent the organization’s threefold mission: educating members; connecting them with each other; and helping them grow their businesses.

“The result is a new brand that feels fresh yet rooted in AIMCAL’s strong history,” says Kerscher. The icon depicts a web path as elements come together around a roller, representing the industry and symbolizing the unification of materials, processes, and most importantly, the people. Combined, these elements form an upward arrow, suggesting the forward-thinking nature of the association. The navy blue is the original blue from the previous AIMCAL logo, with a lighter green color to signify growth and renewal. The lighter blue implies feelings of calm and peace.

Kerscher notes, “The clear, concise name, coupled with a modern logo and wordmark, is an exciting step for the organization, which has already proven to be thoughtful and strong in its purpose. Since its formation more than 50 years and 300 members ago, the mission still holds true: The Association for Roll-to-Roll Converters looks ahead to the next 50 years as we collect and distribute information to increase industry knowledge while fostering an environment that builds relationships and a spirit of cooperation between member companies worldwide.”

To support the emphasis on training, AIMCAL has hired Alex Nevels as Director of Education. He will create new training courses and build content specifically for converters. “This will turn our industry-leading resource library into an even stronger tool for members,” explains Kerscher. Nevels has spent the last 10 years supporting educational endeavors for various organizations as a learning consultant, instructional designer, eLearning developer, and development support specialist.  

The Association for Roll-to-Roll Converters also intends to launch an Industry Awards program and organize its event schedule to increase alignment with specific markets/applications.

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