Maxson Offers Knife Sharpening Service

WESTERLY, RI | Maxson Automatic Machinery Company offers a quick-response grinding service for sharpening sheeter cross cutting knives of all manufacturers.

Upon receipt from the customer, all knives undergo an immediate six-point inspection process to identify knife thickness, material composition, parallelism (ability to maintain back edge and knife edge to within 0.004 in., flatness (ability to flatten to within 0.002 in.), the condition of cutting edge (examine for excessively deep nicks), and the condition of non-cutting surfaces (examine for excessive marring of knife seating surfaces)

Using a CNC knife grinder, cross cutting blades are precision ground to ensure parallelism and edge retention, manually de-burred, and then honed to a mirror smoothness. Company says the result of this quality program is a pair of knives that are sharp and smooth, create less friction cutting through material (cleaner cut), and are easier for operators to seat, set, and adjust in the cutter.

Once cleaned, knives undergo a final evaluation (with a signed inspection form for customer review), the blade edges are covered, and knives are packaged for shipment. Turnaround time is five to ten business days, with expedited service available.

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