Maxson Sheeter Reportedly Allows Higher Speeds


WESTERLY, RI | Maxson Automatic Machinery Co. offers a high-speed delivery system on its precision sheeters that reportedly avoids marking sensitive materials when shingling the sheets. 

This design manages sheet flow by controlling the speed of the cut packet’s leading edge as it enters the overlap area, rather than nip pressure. The resulting action prevents stress marks from the stop roller and delivery belts while ensuring sheet packets are conveyed trouble-free to the stacker.

The overlap roll is geared so the surface speed of the black rings matches the speed of the slow speed tapes. In this way, the sheet decelerates evenly across the width of the delivery system by speed, rather than nip pressure, company says, meaning the uniform contact across the sheeter eliminates sheet skewing, enhancing pile quality.

The overlap roll carriage has an adjustment that allows the depth of the ringed roll to be set relative to the bottom slow speed tapes. This variable nip setting eliminates the burnishing on sensitive sheets caused by excessive contact with the packet’s surface. The top high speed tapes pass in between the rings of the overlap roll, removing the likelihood of belt marks.

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