Food Packaging Solutions Conference


AUSBURG, GERMANY—The PrintCity Project Group "Food Packaging" will present it latest best practice knowledge in "Food Packaging on Folding Carton" at the Design Once Output Many (DOOM) conference in Bari, Italy, September 27-29, 2007. Through its Activity Group "Packaging, Commercial & Sheetfed," PrintCity is cooperating with the organizers to deliver a high profile seminar session about innovative market leading food packaging technology, knowledge, and solutions on September 28.

The PrintCity connection of competence project members involved are Adphos-Eltosch, Kurz, Bobst, MAN Roland, Merck, M-real, Sun Chemical, Weilburger Graphics, Hekel, and Nestlé.

Seminar topics include:

  • Why Food Packaging on Folding Carton? (Print City)
  • Market Requests (Nestlé)
  • Latest Techniques in Food Packaging on Folding Carton (Print City)

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