RFID Printing on Corrugated Board


INDIANAPOLIS, IN—PRPflexo has just released the results of the print trials at Clemson University in conjunction with Parelec of Rocky Hill, NJ, who supplied their Parmod silver ink. The results demonstrated the feasibility of direct printing of minute antennae onto corrugated cases with lines of 0.003 at an ink volume of 13.7 bcm. Conductivity tests showed acceptable levels for antennae within a commercial environment.

The print trials were conducted at Clemson University's PrintCon facility using their corrugated flexo printer and overseen by Jay Sperry and Kern Cox of Clemson University. Additional testing and research is planned over the next several months.

“We are extremely satisfied with the results,” says Geva Barash, CEO of Parelec “The unique ability to print directly on to the corrugated cases would reduce the cost to the customers of applying the labels to the cases."

Parelec applies nanotechnology and advanced materials systems to develop and market conductive inks and related materials for the manufacture of electronic circuits. The company's products are used to provide low cost RFID antenna, specialty and flexible circuits, intelligent packaging, heaters/defrosters for plastic windows, and in semiconductor packaging for a wide variety of electronics and consumer products. See parelec.com.

For more information on the tests, see prpflexo.com.

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