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How Dry it Is
Sphinx Adsorbents, Springfield, MA, offers custom protective packaging for a range of products including PC boards, medical instruments, and consumer items. The packaging typically includes a plastic or foil barrier bag, desiccant packs, and a humidity indicator card featuring spots that change colors based on whether there has been RH exposure and, if so, the percent. The cards are said to assure the dry packing of semiconductors when used with the appropriate barrier bag and desiccant. Custom barrier bags can be supplied in sizes from 3–48 in. sq.

Eggs Fit to Eat
Health concerns in the Middle East have created a demand for pasteurized and homogenized eggs. One response: the Egg Station, liquid eggs from Masterbaker Marketing Co. offered in the Pure-Pak gable-top carton from Elopak, Spikkesad, Norway. Masterbaker’s automated technology at its egg-processing plant is said to ensure complete purification to kill bacteria responsible for diseases such as avian flu, cattle ailments, and salmonella. Cartons are being supplied to five-star hotels, restaurants, airlines, ships, premium bakeries, and catering companies in the region. The eggs are available in three formats: whole eggs, egg yolks, or egg whites.

A DKNY fragrance called “Be Delicious” incorporates packaging concepts with an “au natural” look and feel, thanks to Curtis Packaging, Sandy Hook, CT, and Kraftpak, a specialty virgin substrate from MeadWestvaco. With apples as the marketing approach for the Estée Lauder fragrance, DKNY wanted an apple label on each carton. Curtis came up with the idea of printing the apple label and spot UV glossing it on a KBA ten-station, 51-in. Rapida press. Gift sets also include a 36-pt MeadWestvaco Forte substrate said to eliminate the need for microflute.
KBA North America—

Safe-Slab™ Core Recycler(MD) - Blade Free Slabbing - an Appleton Mfg. Division Product

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