First Glance


Red Hot Lids
Smart Lid Systems, Sydney, Australia, has commercialized a color-changing, single-use coffee cup lid that alerts consumers the contents are hot by changing from a coffee brown color to bright red when heat is applied. The lid also indicates whether or not it is attached to the cup securely. As the drink cools, the lid changes slowly back to brown, signaling the beverage may be getting too cold to drink. The product uses FDA food-contact-compliant additives. With license agreements in place in the Asia Pacific region and patents pending in many global regions, Smart Lid hopes to expand into the American market.

Man Oh Man!
A simple but elegant black box holds a men’s fragrance called Areté, a philosophical term denoting masculine virtue. Made of premium-quality Carta Integra 270 g/m2 from M-real, the paperboard carton was printed by Color Optics and features what is described as a strong, restrained, but inventive silhouette in black, highlighted by a white border and classical-looking typography. The interior of the box is shiny metallic copper. Nicholas Dodzuik, a recent graduate of the Parson School of Design in New York City, was the designer. The package took top honors in M-real’s “Unboxed” design competition and now is being produced as a sample of the capabilities of Carta Integra.

Fast Food Feat
McDonald’s restaurants throughout Mexico are using sauce cartridges with mayonnaise for McChicken sandwiches and tartar sauce for Big Macs. Each cartridge has a seamed plastic plug and features a label containing nutritional data. Griffith Laboratories, supplier of the sauces, chose Sonoco to supply the cartridges, which include a low-barrier can sent with a plastic plunger seamed on and a loose metal dispenser. Sonoco also helped Griffith reduce its label inventory by developing a label with data for both sauces. The spiral labels are printed flexo in black and white.

Safe-Slab™ Core Recycler(MD) - Blade Free Slabbing - an Appleton Mfg. Division Product

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