Packaging Easy for Seniors, Tough for Kids

Stora Enso and Bosch have joined to introduce PharmaPak SHR, a customized packaging solution comprising an automatic cartoning machine, a novel package design, and a specially developed board material. The targets of the concept are the pharmaceutical industry, contract packagers, and clinical trial service providers, who will use the services of accredited converters and printers, says Stora Enso.

The product is said to be senior-friendly and child-resistant. It is reported ideal for unit-dose packages such as blister cards but also can be used for ampoules, vials, and syringes.

The cartons are made from the specially developed board CKB Pharma TR, which has high tear resistance. Cartons are reclosable and have a “both-hands” opening system, making it easy for adults but difficult for children to access.

Supplier Information:
Stora Enso — PFFC-ASAP 398.

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