Colbert Packaging's Senior-Friendly, Child-Resistant PharmaDial Gets Highest Rating from US Consumer Product Safety Commission

LAKE FOREST, IL, USA—Colbert Packaging reports its PharmaDial packaging product has warranted the F=1 child-resistance rating, "the safest US government rating for pharmaceutical packaging awarded by the Consumer Product Safety Commission," says the Chicagoland-based converter.

Invented by Colbert Packaging and first introduced in September 2002, the PharmaDial product, says Colbert, is a senior-friendly, child-resistant unit dose package designed to ensure ease of use for adults, thereby promoting patient compliance.

"Pharmaceutical companies are in need of a child-resistant, senior-friendly package that offers marketing people a way to be creative," explains Colbert's VP of R&D and PharmDial designer Glenn Grosskopf. "[This package] is the combination of an easy-to-use design for seniors, coupled with a tear-resistant blistercard that has enabled us to achieve the highest child-safety rating."

For more information about the PharmaDial package as well as Colbert's other folding carton, rigid paper box, and paperboard specialty packaging, visit Also, for more in depth coverage of Colbert Packaging, check out these two PFFC articles, Pilferers Beware (October 2003) and Cartonmaker Adds Flexo to Give Customers a Choice (March 2000).

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