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Innovation Roadmaps

Just because you CAN build something, SHOULD you? Creating an "Innovation Roadmap" helps you visualize your strategy, projects, timeline, and resources.

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Is P&G’s New Freshies Packaging a Good Idea?

Procter & Gamble’s new Freshies antiperspirant/deodorant is a Secret product extension offering portable convenience, but does the packaging pass product innovation criteria?

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AWA M&A Forum Spotlights Innovative Packaging

Companies with attractive acquisition or merger potential inspire investment opportunities if innovative packaging is a healthy part of their portfolio with the ability to pass through price changes.

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Take a Chance on Failure

Not every attempted opportunity will result in success, but you can't grow your company unless your corporate culture encourages risk taking.

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Innovation for Solving Problems

Something I often hear from companies when they talk about growing their business is, “How can we get near immediate improvements with real value without spending a ton of money?”

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Welcome to Innovation Station

My name is Jackie Marolda, and I’m looking forward to talking with you through this new PFFC blog, "Innovation Station."

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