Electrostatic Unit Monitors Charging Currents

HATFIELD, PA | SIMCO Industrial Static Control introduces the Electrostatic Charging Monitor, which tracks and displays the performance efficiency status of the Chargemaster electrostatic charging equipment. The unit directly monitors the charging currents, either positive (+) or negative (-) polarity, and provides a visual display indicating the operating condition of an ionizing bar or applicator.

The system includes alarm circuitry to alert the operator when cleaning the ionizer is required or if there is an electrical fault detected within the system. In addition to LED indicators on the face of the unit, the Charging Monitor includes relay contact capability for remote alarm signaling. It has local or remote ON/OFF capability.

The Charging Monitor also features a compact size to accommodate mounting location near the charging applicator for convenient visual performance indication. It has adjustable clean bar calibration and does not impact the charging system performance.

See http://www.simcoion.biz

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