Environmental Inks to Acquire Arcar

MORGANTON, NC, USA—Environmental Inks and Coatings Corp. announced last month the company has signed an agreement to acquire Arcar Graphics, a subsidiary of Flint Ink North America Corp. The ink manufacturer says the transaction is expected to close at the end of this month (August 2003).

Based in West Chicago, IL, Arcar Graphics manufactures water-based and UV-curable flexographic and screen printing inks; it became a unit of Flint Ink when Flint purchased the Alper Ink Group LLC in 2000, says the Environmental Inks press release.

"For the foreseeable future," says the acquring manufacturer, "there will be no change in customer products. To optimize service and delivery, Arcar customers will benefit from the exisiting EIC [Environmental Inks and Coating] branch distribution network. Currently, EIC has eight [US] locations: Worchester, MA; Baltimore, MD; Atlanta, GA; Cincinnati, OH; Chicago, IL; Ontario, CA; Dallas, TX; and Morganton, NC."

Visit Environmental Inks and Coatings at envinks.com.

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