Spartanics Laser Cutting Technical Guide Is Multi-Lingual

ROLLING MEADOWS , IL | Spartanics Laser Cutting Technical Guide is written for label converters and other converting and packaging specialists seeking more information on how to match laser cutting technology to their application requirements. Now available in four languages, including English, Spanish, German, and French.

The Guide is accessible from Spartanics web site in two parts. Part I  addresses: choosing between laser cutting versus tool-based die-cutting systems; quality and the soft marking standard; and cutting speed versus web speed. Part II covers: fallacy of the double scan head advantage; systems integration, user-friendliness and production output; selecting system components; and suggested method for sourcing laser cutting technology.

A copy of the Spartanics Laser Cutting Technical Guide is also available via regular post by writing to

Spartanics manufactures both tool-free (laser-based), steel rule die, and male/female hard tool cutting systems, among other equipment for finishing products made from flat stock materials. Its worldwide service organization uses state-of-the-art virtual service technician technology and also maintains offices and spare parts in Europe. To place orders or for other product inquiries, please contact Scott Edwards, sales administrator, Spartanics, at 847/394-5700;

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