Michelman Brochure Offers Overview of Company, Capabilities

CINCINNATI, OH | A new 4-page brochure from Michelman communicates the company's brand position and identity, as well as its capabilities. The ways in which Michelman helps its customers capture new market opportunities, launch new differentiated products and compete in global markets, are summarized in support of its corporate tagline, "Your Competitive Edge." Included in the brochure is a brief company history, major product lines, application possibilities, and contact data for worldwide locations.

Michelman offers surface modifiers and coatings that enhance the surface qualities of coatings and inks, make composites tougher, and expand the possibilities of paper and film with barrier, functional and aesthetic coatings. For more information, or a copy of the brochure, contact Christy Randolph at ChristyRandolph@MichelmanInc.com or 513-794-4225.

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