XSYS Awards Scholarship, Named Supplier of Year


PLYMOUTH, MN—Yerecic Label, Kensington, PA, has awarded XSYS Print Solutions Narrow Web div. supplier of the year for 2004. Eight pre-qualified venders were evaluated with the intent to select one primary and one secondary ink vendor. Choices were based upon, and supported by, the vendor's completion of an RFI questionnaire, ink performance on press, and overall support and service during the testing. XSYS was awarded with a three-year partnership commitment.

XSYS also awarded a $2,400 scholarship to Joshua Pauna, a student in the Graphics and Printing Technology program at Dunwoody College of Technology in Minneapolis, MN. The scholarship was based on merit qualifications earned during the first year of the program and will apply to his second and final year at Dunwoody.

For more information, see xsys-printsolution.com.

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