EarthShell Packaging Expands at Wal-Mart

SANTA BARBARA, CA, USA—EarthShell Corp. reports that Wal-Mart intends to expand the availability of its plates and bowls by more than ten times to select stores in the US. According to the manufacturer of food-service packaging "designed with the environment in mind," the planned expansion would make EarthShell Packaging plates and bowls available to customers at approximately 1,200 Wal-Mart stores nationwide.

"We are pleased that Wal-Mart will be bringing our environmentally preferable products to more of their customers across America," says Vincent Truant, president/CEO of EarthShell Corp. "This expansion is an important part of our growth plan that will increase awareness and support of the EarthShell brand." According to the company, Wal-Mart is targeting Q1 of 2003 for the first stage of nationwide expansion for EarthShell products. "[The US-based discount retailer] made the decision to expand distribution and provide more customers with the option of a product that focused on the environment, is of high quality, and is competitively priced," adds EarthShell.

Developed over many years using a 'life-cycle inventory' and in consultation with leading environmental experts, EarthShell has developed products that reduce the environmental burdens of rigid food-service packaging thorugh the careful selection of raw materials, processes, and suppliers, states the California-based packaging manufacturer. "The products, primarily, are made from natural limestone and potato starch. The new packaging poses substantially fewer risks to wildlife that polystyrene foam packaging because it biodegrades when exposed to moisture in nature; physically disintegrates in water when crushed or broken; and can be composted. In addition, [EarthShell] recently has introduced flexible packaging in the form of sandwich wraps that also have been developed using a 'life-cycle inventory.' Like EarthShell's rigid packaging, the wraps biodegrade when exposed to moisture and bacteria in nature and can be composted," adds the company.

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