Green Bay Packaging Folding Carton Div. Achieves 10 Yrs with No Lost-Time Accidents

GREEN BAY, WI, USA—Green Bay Packaging reports its folding carton division has achieved 10 years with no lost-time accidents. The co. says it is the first time one of its manufacturing divisions has reached this milestone. Div. VP/GM Richard Graber attributes the achievement to the quality of Green Bay Packaging's folding carton division workforce. "This is their award," he says. "I'm very proud to be associated with these employees."

The company hosted a formal awards ceremony late this summer, during which the folding carton division was presented with Green Bay Packaging's highest internal honor, the "Chairman's Crystal Bowl Award." The presentation was made by Will Kress, president; Tom Herlighy, executive VP; Richard Graber, VP/general manager; and Jim Napoleone, corporate director safety/health/workers' compensation.

Green Bay Packaging says the folding carton division is based in Green Bay; it designs, prints, and manufactures folding cartons, trays, packaging, and displays for a broad range of products and customers.

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