DuPont & EarthShell Partner Up for Environmental Packaging

SANTA BARBARA, CA, USA—EarthShell Corp. reports it has signed a definitive alliance agreement with DuPont. According to the co., the alliance combines EarthShell's patented composite material technology with DuPont's materials, development, manufacturing, and marketing expertise to offer environmentally preferable packaging to the food-service packaging market.

"The signing of the agreement," says EarthShell, "formalizes the relationship between the two companies as set forth in a letter of intent signed last April. Initially, [we] will focus on major segments of the $1 billion (US) global food-service wraps market." Under the agreement, DuPont has an exclusive, worldwide license for EarthShell food-service film technology. The agreement, adds. EarthShell, allows for future expansion to other company technologies and products.

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