Clemson Students to Use

PHOENIX, AZ -- says senior students in Clemson University's department of packaging science will be using "MyDesign," the mfr.'s package-design offering, to design packages.

According to, "Packaging schools are always looking for the latest in technology for their students to use in the classroom." Adds Clemson University professor, Jorge Marcondes, "It's important students have a solid understanding of what new technology is available. MyDesign is an excellent choice as it's very easy to learn and gives them a powerful tool to learn how to design packaging." reports MyDesign is the latest addition to its suite of web-enabling tools for the packaging industry. "With MyDesign," says the co., "users can log in and create custom package designs through the Internet. Designs can be viewed online or can be downloaded in DXF format. A share feature allows the user to email drawings to others or allows them to view drawings online.

xPackage is a Tech Oasis company. For more information about MyDesign and other products, contact William Teags at 480/488-1920 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Visit xPackage on the web at

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