New Products

Splice Film at High Speeds

The TFS automatic film splicer from M. Torres features constant tension control and the ability to splice at speeds to 2,000 fpm. Allows for both overlap

Punch Holes Quickly, Quietly

The Pivot Punch hole puncher is said to be quick, quiet, and durable. Offers continuous motion, requires little maintenance, and spring-loaded pivot allows

Blade Exchanger Cuts Setup Times

Razor blades are changed automatically and safely in razor blade exchanger. Exchanger is attached to the positioning carriage of the cutter adjustment

Film Barrier Aids Shelf Life

NanoShield high-barrier technology can be applied to PET, OPP, BON, and PLA films used for food packaging to resist moisture and oxygen from penetrating

Medical Product Aids Patients

ArgoMedPLUS 18411 TPU film-on-paper product gives medical adhesive coaters and converters an alternative film source for frame-type wound dressing and

Plates Reduce Dot Gain

Developed for wide web flexible packaging printing with solvent-based inks, the nyloflex FAM digital photopolymer printing plate is medium hard and said

Cool Electrical Enclosures

ETC (Electronic Temperature Control) Cabinet Cooler system keeps electrical enclosures cool while minimizing compressed air use. CE-compliant system is

Estimate, Control Workflow by Remote

Estimator-Cloud estimating and workflow programs use the latest in remote access technology. Browser-independent ERA allows instant connectivity to Estimator

Recycle Cores for Many Materials

Safe-Slab Core Recycler in heavy, medium, and light duty models offers blade-free roll slabbing and core recycling. Said to remove leftover roll material

Printhead Combo Offers Economy

The combination of micropiezo printhead technology, fast-drying UV enhanced ink, custom media, and channel controlled user-friendly software interface

Print Labels With Security

Stand-alone label printing station can be operated remotely and perform many software functions using a keyboard with no computer attached, once label

Winder Targets Mid-Range Markets

The SurfaStart 1000 servo-controlled winder is designed to meet the needs of the mid-speed and mid-width markets for coated paper, film, and nonwoven

Inkjet Press Has Wide Color Capability

The Tau 150 8C digital UV inkjet label press handles web widths from 4-6.5 in. at speeds close to 160 fpm. Standard color configuration CMYK+W can be

Slitter Is Accurate & Robust

The 300 Sibtec automatic roll slitter with advanced control system incorporates twin-axis digital servo control for both indexing and cutting, said to

Jogger Aerator Is Strong

The FLP Excalibur no-pit machine is described as strong, reliable, and long-lasting. Standard features include an automatic jogging feature; a push-button

Cut & Wind Sensitive Materials

The Microslit CON cuts and winds materials from a width of 5 mm to a roll dia of 300 mm. Said to have short setup times, machine is designed for a production

Sharpen Your Own Blades

Blade sharpening system allows customers to maximize productivity and reduce costs by sharpening their own blades on their own timetable. Knife cartridge

Change Cartridge Quickly

A Rapid Change Slitting Cartridge is designed to eliminate setup time by allowing one magazine of slitters to be changed and preset while the other bank

Slit to Narrow Widths

The T428 two-drum surface winder can slit and rewind most papers, nonwovens, and boards to narrow widths. Maximum speed is 2,500 fpm; web width is 72

Slitter/Rewinder Has Solid Frame

The 7250 slitter/rewinder features 2.5-in.-thick solid steel main frames; dual independent VSAC drives; counter balance rider roll; hydraulic actuated

Slit Many Substrates

Diamond duplex center winder is said to offer performance with economy. Based on company's Sapphire technology, slitter features an integral unwind with

Slit, Rewind with Sensitive Control

The topslit, well suited for narrow or wide rolls with a large diameter, offers reproducible winding values, precise cutting tools, perfect finished roll

Flexible Slitter Has Short Web Path

The Genesis 700 center-driven duplex slitter/rewinder is said to offer flexible, targeted slitting capacity that's easy to implement. Reported benefits:

Reduce Downtime With Automation

The Titan CT610 automatic turret slitter/rewinder is designed for high volume output with consistent turret changeover times of 20 sec. Standard features

Splice Film & Foil Efficiently

EasySplice FilmLine Plus adhesive tape is for high-performance splicing of film and foil webs during high-speed printing and coating applications. Product,

Decreased Cooling Time for Blown Film

The Aquarex line blows film downward and uses water instead of air to quench the bubble, reportedly decreasing the cooling time by a factor of 30. The

Amplifier Easy To Use

The A4 digital amplifier can be calibrated and zeroed with the push of one button. Can be used to remotely calibrate and graphically monitor both raw

Hybrid Inks Have No VOCs

TP UV Fusion hybrid inks for 3-piece metal decorating are formulated for indirect food packaging applications that require low-migration and low-odor

Access Point for Hazardous Areas

The iWAP201A wireless access point is certified by ATEX for use in Zone 2 and 21 hazardous areas. The 802.11 a/b/g wireless access point has a 316L stainless

UV Print on Heat-Sensitive PVC

Company has demonstrated an LED UV printing system designed for heat-sensitive PVC sheet. Sheet-fed offset lithography printing system is powered by company's

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