New Products

Control Tension With Ease

The S4 digital tension controller is said easy to install, set up, and operate, and to ensure uniform tension control regardless of roll diameter by using

Dry Efficiently at High Speeds

The Macrowave radio frequency drying system is said to provide greater efficiency than conventional web dryers and to enable the high-speed drying of

Make Peelable Lids

Appeel 22D843 lidding solution is said to provide an easy and effective way to make peelable lids for retortable PP packages. Sealant resin is pellet-blended

Synthetic Adhesives Perform Well

Optal XP casein-free is a new generation of synthetic adhesives for glass bottle labeling that offers an excellent performance spectrum. Adhesives are

Efficient Cleaning

The Narrow Web Clean Machine (NWP) uses elastomer contact cleaning rollers and pre-sheeted adhesive rolls to clean a moving web at speeds to 250 mpm.

Tension Control for Slitters

The Tenzomat II second-generation, automatic rewind tension control system is available for company's range of slitter/rewinders. Precise rewind tension

Portfolio of Security Labels

Each product in company's security labeling portfolio has a built-in feature that provides visible evidence of destruction when altered. Products include

Dispense Inks, Cut Downtime

Colorsat gravimetric ink-dispensing systems remove the risk of printing rejects during production, reduce ink waste, and minimize the chance of press

UV Coating Reduces Rub-Off

MIRACURE Silver UV coating is a lower-cost option to company's MIRAFOIL brand coatings for creating metallic effects on packaging, folding cartons, and

Blanket Delivers Quality

For high-speed sheetfed applications, dayGraphica DuraZone 5200 offset blanket is designed to deliver high print quality and durability. Resists smashes

Chuck Is for Shaftless Uses

A rugged, 3-in., air-operated mechanical chuck is said easy to mount and use with convenient air valve access. Chucks are suited for heavy-duty shaftless

Measure Several Factors

The Picometrix T-Ray 4000 on-line industrial time domain system for scanning web measurement features pulsed terahertz technology. Said to improve product

Monitor Static in Hazardous Areas

The 977HL Pulsed DC Controller is designed for use in environments where solvents are used to monitor and control static. Alerts operator when ionizing

Heat Transfer Fluid Systems Save Energy

The HTF ST Series of stationary heat transfer fluid systems to 600 kW and 650 deg F reportedly offers superior, energy-efficient performance and reduced

Sensors for High Temperatures

SensyTemp TSH200 temperature sensors, designed for high temperatures of 1,112-3,272 deg F, have modular components that provide a wide range of possible

Mounting Tapes Improve Print

R/bak PSA2 cushion mounting tapes feature rubber-based adhesives said to offer the highest adhesion and shear properties compared to acrylic or silicone

Gauge Meets MID Certification

The LS9000 Series of gauges is said to produce highly accurate non-contact length and speed measurements. Coupled with a DataPro controller, the system

Control Power for Safety

The Dynamic Arc Recognition and Termination System (DART) is a dynamic power supply and control system for intrinsically safe fieldbus installations.

Reduce Waste in Pattern Treating

Air Treat enables pattern treating and remote electrode segment actuation. Operators can set treater electrode segments from the operator interface and

Resin Cuts Scrap

UPES resin reportedly offers increased thermoforming rates, shorter cycles, reduced scrap rates, shorter startups, and higher operating efficiencies.

Switches Suited For Robotics

The VXX Series miniature vacuum switches are for applications including robotics, pick-and-place, material handling, vacuum monitoring, and leak testing.

Controller Has Intuitive Interface

SteadyWeb 5 digital tension controller gets operators up to speed with minimal training via large 4.3-in. user interface that features illustrated prompts

Label Press Is Cost-Effective

The EM 340/410/510 S can be used to produce self-adhesive and monofoil labels, as well as many other products. A state-of-the-art, servo-driven web-feed

Print on Many Substrates

The 3050 label press is an entry-level digital printing solution for applications that benefit from a wider web width capability. Press can print on scalable

Blanket Offers Smash Resistance

Zenith 660 is a robust, long-life sheetfed offset blanket said to provide excellent on-press stability and great smash resistance due to a thick compressible

Synthetic Paper Is Removable

Octopus premium synthetic paper adheres to any smooth surface yet is removable and reusable, company says, due to tiny suction cups nearly invisible to

Inspect on Many Materials

The Shark LEX works with Lector WorkFlow to form a 100% inspection system. Systems will identify both random and repeating defects as small as 0.05 mm2.

Digital Sheet-Fed Press Cuts Errors

The 7500 digital sheet-fed press is said to offer offset quality in high-volume production. Vision System provides hands-free automation for maximum uptime

Tissue Press Has Fast Changeovers

The Omet TV 503 tissue press guarantees fast job changes for the production of napkins and tablemats. Comprises a fast assembly of the anilox roll and

Masterbatches Suited for Food Use

Terraloy 90000 Series masterbatches, formulated with Biostrength impact modifier from Arkema and carrier polymers consisting of Ingeo PLA from NatureWorks,

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