BE to Showcase AquaFrost Line at K 2007


BRAMPTON, OH | Visitors to Brampton Engineering’s (BE) booth (17A22) at K 2007 will see AquaFrost film samples demonstrating the clarity and softness of the film.

AquaFrost is a downward blown waterquenched process that utilizes up to 50% less floor space and reportedly produces 10-15% less scrap than a comparable cast line. The line can operate up to 37 lbs. per hour per inch of die circumference.

The blown film orientation of AquaFrost is said to give the film balanced mechanical properties, permitting the use of less expensive resins than required in cast. Its high heat transfer rate minimizes the time the melt spends in the crystal-growth stage, producing a film that is said to be ideal for deep draw thermoforming applications. This rapid quench also allows the utilization of more cost-effective PA and PP resins compared to conventional blown film. See

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