Newark Receives Incentive for Energy Efficiency


CRANFORD, NJ | Newark Recycled Paperboard Solutions a specialist in the collection of secondary fibers and the manufacturing and converting of 100% recycled paperboard in the US and Canada, reports the Newark Wisconsin Paperboard Mill received a Focus on Energy incentive in excess of $75,000 for energy efficiency from the state of Wisconsin.

Utilizing Newark Operations Excellence, the Wisconsin Paperboard Mill set a goal to become as energy-efficient as possible. Plant engineers devised a strategy to improve the quality and formation of the paperboard product as well as improve the tons per day, all while running at current energy levels.

Focus on Energy, Wisconsin’s energy efficiency program, along with WE Energies, the state’s largest energy provider, showed interest in Newark’s sustainability project especially since the Newark Wisconsin Paperboard Mill is one of the state’s largest energy consumers.

“This was a large investment for us,” said Chris Chappell, general manager of the paperboard Mill. “Focus on Energy reviewed our paper machine improvement project to achieve energy savings and increased tons per day, agreeing it was an excellent energy efficiency project and that it could qualify for incentive funding.”

“Receiving the check from Focus on Energy is a great achievement for everyone involved at our Newark Wisconsin Paperboard Mill,” says Dick Poppe, senior VP for Newark Paperboard Mills. “Sustainability, both in our products and our facilities, is a major corporate focus. It was quite an accomplishment to be publicly recognized for our efforts.”

Newark says it supplies the raw material used to produce products, making it a self-sustaining, environmentally sound company. It is a member of the Forest Stewardship Council, an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests.

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